Moxico directors have defied a court orders that restrained them from illegally occupying a piece of land lawfully owned by Kalengwa Mineral Processing Limited.

The directors, Allan Davies and Davies Mwanamoya, also allegedly ordered people to assault officers who were supposed to guard the premises.

Mustafa Geloo, one of the people who gave a comment on the beating, expressed shock over the conduct of the directors.

He said it was shocking that directors from such firms could stoop so low to instigate such an act.

“It is shocking that directors from an International British firm can stoop so low to an extent of sending people to assault innocent security officers. These same people perpetrating such illegalities in Zambia are incapable of doing the same if they were in the UK,” he lamented.

“Despite court orders, they have gone ahead to disrespect the Zambian Courts and the ruling of the honourable judges.”

Meanwhile, Moxico Resources Zambia have also been cited for contempt of court for failure to vacate the land in question, which is lawfully owned by Kalengwa Mineral Processing Limited.

On 14th October this year, six officers from Vanadium Engineering Limited went to guard the premises in question, as per instruction in the authorization letter that came after court order.

The six are Mustapha Geloo, Rashid Jussa, Darrell Mwila, James Kantumana, Bwalya Kalobwe and George Kawfitwe.

The said officers who were in a Quantum Bus Registration Number ACR 1250 went to the premises and presented themselves at the gate manned by officers working for the 2nd Defendant (Euro Africa Resources Limited)/Alleged Contemnor Moxico Resources Limited.

“The Officers refused to grant the said Vanadium Engineering Limited officers access apparently on the instructions of Directors of the 2nd Defendant Mr. Davies Mwanamoya and Mr. Allan Davies who are here cited as 3rd and 4th Alleged Contemnors,” states the affidavit in support of ex-parte summons for an order for leave to commence contempt committal proceedings. “That the representatives of the Applicant and Vanadium Enginerring Limited presented and showed the said 1st Defendants officers copies of the Order of Injunction; Judgment and related documentation but the said officers and representatives of the 1st Defendant remained adamant to ensuring compliance with the Orders of Court.”

Davies Mwanamoya and Allan Davies acting on behalf of Moxico Resources Limited went on to instruct the officers who were on site to forcefully remove the officers from Vanadium Engineering Limited and the officers obliged by inflicting personal injury on the persons and extensive damage to the motor vehicle.