Davies Chirwa, a highly respected Media Executive and the visionary Founder of Channel A TV, has assumed a pivotal role as a member of the Washington Filmworks Equity Committee. In this capacity, he brings his extensive expertise to bear, providing invaluable guidance on diversity and inclusion strategies, advocating tirelessly for underrepresented communities, conducting thorough reviews of policies and programs, and actively contributing to critical funding allocation decisions.

The Equity Committee, serving as a vital advisory arm to the Board of Directors of Washington Filmworks, offers a platform for insights and perspectives from historically marginalized communities within the film industry. Central to its mission is the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion both within the organization itself and throughout the broader statewide film landscape. Moreover, the committee holds Washington Filmworks accountable for the seamless integration of these fundamental principles across all facets of its operations.

Washington Filmworks, a legislatively commissioned non-profit organization, plays a pivotal role in overseeing the state’s film production incentive program. With a mandate to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of Washington’s vibrant film industry, the organization received a significant boost in 2022. Following legislative action that increased funding for the program, provisions were also enacted to amplify and fortify the statewide film sector. Notably, this legislative framework emphasized support for projects amplifying the narratives of historically marginalized communities and allocated dedicated funding for workforce development initiatives within these communities.

Chirwa’s appointment to the Equity Committee underscores his unwavering commitment to advancing equity and inclusion within Washington’s film industry. By ensuring that diverse voices are not only heard but also actively represented at every level of decision-making, Chirwa’s leadership sets a powerful precedent for transformative change.

Bringing a wealth of professional expertise in media excellence and community leadership to this esteemed committee, Chirwa’s contributions have already begun to make a significant impact. Since assuming his role on 8th December 2023, he has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to fostering an inclusive and equitable film industry landscape that honors and uplifts the diverse tapestry of voices within Washington and beyond.