Former President, Edgar Lungu, has sued the State, seeking a declaration that the position that he ought to seek permission from the government before he can travel is illegal and not supported by the law.

In a petition filed before the Lusaka High Court, Mr. Lungu says he is not a prisoner or under house arrest for the State to limit his freedom of movement.

He says the government has not given any satisfactory answer as to why he is being stopped from traveling.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mutale Nalumango has asked Mr. Lungu to come out in the open and state whether he has returned to active politics or not.

Ms. Nalumango says Mr. Lungu informed the Executive that he retired from active politics but the government is shocked that some members of the Patriotic Front (PF) still recognise him as party president.

Ms. Nalumango said this in parliament during the Vice President’s question time when she was asked by Zambezi East Member of Parliament, Brian Kambita, who wanted to know whether Mr. Lungu had joined active politics.

Source: Diamond TV