A 23-YEAR-OLD man of Mpongwe, Copperbelt, who went missing some 10 days ago has been found dead around Zambeef farm area in the same district.

The man is said to have earlier gone to recover his money which he had lent to someone but did not return home having been last seen running away from a security guard at Zambeef farm, where he attempted to steal maize.

Copperbelt police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba said the incident happened between the end of last month and October 4 in Mpongwe.

The case was reported by Samuel Chakufewaya, 41, that his nephew, Geshom Mwanza, 23, of Ngwenge village in Kantantamwe in Mpongwe, who went missing last month on September 30, was found dead last Wednesday.

He said Mwanza was with his friends at Kantantamwe trading area, where he requested his colleagues, Bornface Kashimba and Abraham Lemana, to escort him to Kalukwiso area to recover money from a person he had l0aned.

“The three went to Kalukwiso after chancing transport, while there, they did not find [the] person who had his money, so they started off getting back using the Government road passing through Zambeef farm.

“While in Zambeef farm area around 09:00 hours, they decided to steal cobs of maize from KP 12 field and in the process saw a security guard about 100 metres away and they started running,” he said.
Mr Mweemba said the trio started running heading to TP pump station on Turn Ball road within Zambeef farm.

He said Mwanza was ahead, but his two friends went in another direction and managed to get out of the farm and went home.

“But upon reaching home, they did not find Geshom [deceased] whom they thought had reached since he was ahead of them,” Mr Mweemba said.

“Thereafter, family members started looking for him but he was nowhere to be seen, later they reported to the police that he was missing.”

The family organised themselves and went to Zambeef security office and requested for permission to search for him where he was last seen by his two friends.

A search was conducted with the help of Zambeef security officers and Mwanza’s body was found trapped in C2 canal, where it is believed he fell while running.

Mr Mweemba said police rushed to the scene but nothing was done to retrieve the body due to lack of resources.

Police then requested for help from Mpongwe Town Council fire department, who managed to retrieve the body, which was in a decomposed state.

Mr Mweemba said no foul play was suspected and the body has since been buried by his relatives in Kantantamwe.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail