In an unexpected turn of events, Copper Queens’ resilient defender, Esther Siamfuko, faced adversity as her room succumbed to flames just before the crucial back-to-back Olympic qualifier games against Ghana. The provisional team member experienced a devastating loss of her belongings, including her passport, boots, and phone.

The incident unfolded when Siamfuko stepped out for a routine shower, only to return to find her room transformed into ashes. Despite the initial shock, the determined player has shown remarkable strength in bouncing back from the setback.

Undeterred by the challenges, Esther Siamfuko has swiftly recovered and rejoined her training regimen with the Green Buffaloes Women’s Club, displaying admirable resilience and commitment ahead of the upcoming Sunday game. The football community rallies behind her, extending heartfelt wishes for a swift recovery from the losses incurred.

We wish Esther Siamfuko the best of luck in her endeavors and a quick recovery from all the setbacks.