The Zambia Scholarship Fund, or ZSF, has empowered fifty volunteer teachers under its sponsorship, mostly those stationed in the rural parts of Northern Province, with 34 heavy duty Bufalo-bicycles and 50 solar power kits worth K365, 000.

ZSF-Executive Director, Tobias Mangani, has told Radio Mano 89.3FM that this gesture of appreciation is aimed at motivating the organisation’s cadre of dedicated volunteer teachers by improving their mobility.

Mr. Mangani adds that considering that most of these volunteers live in houses that do not have electricity, the empowerment seeks to further improve and enhance access to electronic gadgets.

He cites laptops, desktop computers and home appliances like TV’s, radio cassettes among others that require electricity to use as some of the office and household items the benefiting rural based volunteer teachers will now start owning now that they have access to solar power.

And speaking on Thursday 25th April, 2024 during a handover event held at Kasama Resource Centre, located in the premises of Kasama Girls’ Secondary School, Steven Mwamba, who spoke on behalf of fellow recipients, said that the gesture by ZSF is highly appreciated as it will go a long way in uplifting their livelihood.

Meanwhile, ZSF-Zambia Chapter chairperson, Ivy Kapole and her vice, Christopher Chapinga, presented the bicycles and solar power kits to the fifty volunteers, with a call on them to take great care of the items.

ZSF has fifty paid-up volunteer teachers stationed at some government and community schools in Northern Province where it has a footprint and operated since 1999.

Source: Zambia Today