The Mufulira Magistrate Court has heard the testimony of the victims in the case where a Police officer has been charged with d£filing two juvenile girls whilst they were in custody at Kansuswa Police Post in Mufulira District on The Copperbelt.

This is in a matter, involving two girls aged 14 and 16, who were apprehended by police officers for loitering around 22:00 on July, 2, 2023, and taken to Kasunswa Police Post, later on at night it is alleged that they were d£filed by the police officer on duty, Eitor Bola.

When the matter came before, Resident Magistrate George Mulenga today, the 14 year old girl narrated that, while in custody, she developed some stomach pains that prompted Bola to take her to a nearby clinic for medical check-up that later proved that the victim was fine and was later taken back to the police post.

She adds that, upon arrival at the police post the accused demanded to have carnal knowledge of her at enquiries in exchange for her release, which she says he did without her consent, threatening to beat her if she screamed.

She further told the court that, after the did was done she was released, her family took her to the clinic for medical examinations which revealed that she had syphilis, which she says was contracted from Bola.

And, the 16 year old victim explained to Magistrate Mulenga that, the said officer also tried to have carnal knowledge of her as well but his manhood could not penetrate into her vagina, which she says opted him not to continue with the act and later released both of them around 02:00.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Mulenga has adjourned the case to the 1st of November, 2023, while the accused remains in custody.

This is contained in a report published by MAFKEN FM