In a bizarre and deeply disturbing incident that has left the community in shock, a 42-year-old traditional healer from Southern Province has been arrested for attempting to solve a young girl’s poor academic performance in the most unconventional way. Mathews Siasimba, the self-proclaimed healer, claimed to possess the ability to treat subjects like Mathematics, Science, and English. However, his methods were both shocking and unacceptable.

The incident occurred between February 7th and February 9th in Mwapona Township, Choma district. It all started when Siasimba encountered the young girl and her sister-in-law at a local shop. Seizing the opportunity, he introduced himself as a traditional healer who could magically transform the girl’s academic abilities. Intrigued, the victim and her sister accepted his offer and visited his house.

Once inside the house, the situation took a disturbing turn. Siasimba instructed the victim to undress, and he did the same. Shockingly, he attempted to use his manhood as a means to improve her academic performance. Overwhelmed by pain, the victim managed to stop the act.

In a surprising turn of events, the victim returned to the healer’s house a few days later, accompanied by her younger sister. Fortunately, alert community members noticed their presence and confronted Siasimba, demanding an explanation. The girls bravely shared their ordeal, shedding light on the healer’s horrendous attempts to manipulate and exploit their educational prospects.

Thanks to the community’s swift action, the culprit was apprehended and handed over to the authorities.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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