In a stunning turn of events, a man’s tragic death following a dog bite has sparked a wave of accusations within a small village in Chief Siachitema, Kalomo District. Carlec Muleya, a vibrant 30-year-old, was bitten by a family d0g on February 7th, ultimately succumbing to his injuries two days later.

Suspicions quickly arose, and Carlec’s own father, Rodwell Muleya, aged 54, found himself in the center of a heated controversy. An alert community member reported the alleged use of supernatural charms, believed to direct them to the person responsible for Carlec’s passing.

As tensions mounted, the police swiftly intervened, protecting the suspect and his family from further harm. However, frustration boiled over, leading to an incident where a Toyota Raum worth K75,000 was significantly damaged.

Despite the roadblocks encountered by investigators, the pallbearers retraced their steps, guiding Carlec’s remains back to the village for a solemn burial. As the community mourns, the truth surrounding Carlec’s tragic end remains shrouded in uncertainty.

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