Lusaka, 21 st February, 2024

International ride-hailing service Yango has announced support measures for partner drivers in Zambia. The measures, which are the first steps in a long line of initiatives planned by Yango, come as a result of several months of carefully studying the new economic conditions of the Zambian market. They include several benefits streamlined to support the drivers and reduce the economic burden while creating a fertile platform for them to work and improve their lives.

The first of these support measures is the increase of the cost per km inside the Yango tariff for the drivers up to 23%. This increase is geared towards reaching economic balance and providing conditions of service that would be mutually beneficial for all stakeholders. The breakdown is as follows:

In economy mode, the cost of a kilometer in urban cities will increase by 11% and the cost of a kilometer in suburbs will increase by 22%.

In comfort mode, the cost of a kilometer in urban cities will increase by 12% and the cost of a kilometer in suburbs will increase by 17%.

In сomfort+ mode, the cost of km in urban cities will increase by 15% and the cost of a kilometer in suburbs will increase by 23%.

Yango Zambia Country Manager Kabanda Chewe said “We’re committed to supporting

Yango partner drivers in such difficult times and this is part of a long list of measures we have been proactively working on for a while now. We are always looking for ways to ensure fair pricing for all our stakeholders while creating a balance in our ecosystem for our partners, drivers and consumers. Together, we can create a better future for urban mobility in Zambia”.

Yango also announces the distribution of fuel discount cards to aid drivers save on their purchases, among the 100 best drivers chosen in accordance with the customers feedback. This, the company believes will help increase efficiency and serve as a cushion during this challenging period. The card allows drivers to get a discount of K1.0/litre on fuel bought at any Mount Meru gas station in Lusaka. For example, if a driver buys 10 liters of fuel a day, they get to save up to K300 each month.

Yango has also highlighted that the best drivers will receive food discount vouchers of K50 each to be used on Yango Deli. This is to support them save heavily on lunch and ensure that they are fit and healthy while executing their daily tasks.

One of the beneficiary partner drivers, Daniel Simuyamba, expressed his appreciation to Yango for this initiative.

He said “Thank you for recognising my work and this encourages me to do my best. This will make a big difference in terms of my expenses. Fuel is a big part of our business as drivers and this support from Yango will help me save more and improve my income”.

Yango has also highlighted the importance of the safety of all its stakeholders, specifically drivers and passengers. The company continues to invest heavily in advanced safety features in the Zambian market and encourages drivers to utilize the safety features in the Yango Pro app to stay safe at all times. It also emphasized that more safety features were expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

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