With their continued commitment to economic development and automotive innovation, Professional Insurance proudly takes charge of the role of being the Title Sponsor for the highly anticipated 2024 Copperbelt Motor Show. From May 10th to May 12th, prepare to witness a groundbreaking convergence of industry automotive excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.

At a press briefing held at Garden Court Kitwe, Mr. Chalwe – the esteemed head of Professional Insurance’s North Western Province division, exuded enthusiasm and pride as he addressed the audience. “Our sponsorship of the Copperbelt Motor Show epitomizes our steadfast dedication to fostering economic growth and driving innovation,” he proclaimed.
“As title sponsors, we are not just supporting an event—we are spearheading a movement
towards progress and prosperity.”

He further added “Our collaboration with the Lusaka Motor Show has been a testament to the success that comes when two entities share a common vision,” he remarked. “And now, we’re thrilled to extend this partnership to the Copperbelt Motor Show, aiming to make it Central Africa’s biggest motor show.”

But the impact goes beyond mere sponsorship; it’s about igniting a new era of economic prosperity for the Copperbelt region. With Garden Court Kitwe as its vibrant backdrop, the Copperbelt Motor Show promises to be a beacon of opportunity and growth. “The Copperbelt Motor Show serves as a powerful platform for economic revitalization,” Mr. Chalwe explained. “It attracts investment, stimulates business activity, and fosters collaboration— ultimately propelling the region towards a brighter future. In addition the event serves as a catalyst for positive change in the region.”

Moreover, Professional Insurance’s dedication to community empowerment shines through its support of initiatives that uplift and empower local communities. “Our partnership is a reflection of our commitment to driving positive change and prosperity in the Copperbelt region,” Mr. Chalwe remarked. “It’s a testament to our belief in the transformative power of community-focused initiatives.”

As anticipation builds and excitement mounts, Professional Insurance stands as a beacon of
economic development and automotive innovation. Being the Title Sponsors of the 2024 Copperbelt Motor Show, they are not just igniting progress—they are shaping the future of the motoring sector and driving economic prosperity for generations to come.

Let the countdown to the 2024 Copperbelt Motor Show begin!