By Beatrice Chabaya

Jonah Dingindaba, a prominent figure in the media industry, has addressed the recent controversy surrounding his decision to turn down a job offer from the BBC.

Speculation and debate erupted online after news surfaced that Dingindaba had declined an opportunity with the BBC!

Many individuals expressed reactions and opinions on the matter, which fueled a wave of discussion across social media platforms.

And in a recent statement posted on his social media page, Dingindaba shed light on the circumstances that led to his decision. “After I came back home in 2022 from the BBC, I had to weigh several of my options,” he revealed. “A lot of very personal things happened during that period, and I truly wasn’t ready to accept the gig at that time.”

Dingindaba’s admission highlighted the complexity of his situation, emphasizing the personal challenges he faced amidst professional opportunities. “This is funny because I’m the one who applied for the job, so you can imagine how difficult that must have been,” he shared. “I had so much faith that more opportunities will come (and they have), and I honestly was a little frustrated that with all the work I’ve done in my field, it only got attention when I was to work away from home.”

Despite Dingindaba’s clarification, some individuals remain skeptical, questioning whether truly his remarks were gotten “out of context”

Oliver C Nsamba says: “Jonah Turned down a Job offer at BBC, to practice his cherished profession in his home Country. Unfortunately his own People mock him for being Patriotic Citizen.
Even if Jesus Christ was to come today we still have people who can sell him out by their betrayal
Sad in my view to know that few can perceive how great this country is becoming in the near future”.

Chellah Tukuta commented: “I disagree, I did works for CCN just to gam experience then set up my own. This one is a lie, which football player turns down Man U offer for Kabwe warriors? Unless that player played for big clubs and made their money, nomba he is working for diamond.”

Clifford Kennedy says: “The side effects of interviewing pathological liars from NYUDONi you also become a useless liar. BBC yalingene na diamond TV?”

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