July 6, 2024 – Police in Lusaka have detained 43 people, all males, aged between 17 and 31, of Chawama compound in Lusaka.

On July 5, 2024 around 11:00 hours, while on patrol along the Great East road, Police officers intercepted a Rosa Bus which had 45 passengers on board and driven by a 32-year-old man identified as Takky Changuke of Chawama compound.

Police investigations revealed that the suspects were being driven to Parliament Building area by the Socialist Party in order to protest.

Among the suspects, two are aged 14 and 16. They were severely warned and later released at the Police Station.

Further investigations indicate that one of the suspects, identified as Bornwell Maambo, 26, alleged to be a Socialist Party youth mobiliser, went round Chawama compound and managed to mobilise the youths.

It is alleged that he promised them money after a successful one hour protest at Parliament. It is further alleged that Mr. Maambo was acting on instructions from Stanley Mubasa, a Socialist Party National Youth Spokesperson.

Police officers who searched the bus found empty packs and b0ttles of b££r.

The 43 suspects are also being interrogated for various offences committed in Chawama Compound and the surrounding areas. Investigations have intensified.

Meanwhile, the driver of the bus is yet to be charged for driving a motor vehicle with expired fitness, road tax and identity certificates.

He is also facing charges of driving a motor vehicle with exceeding number of passengers as well as driving a motor vehicle in a dangerous condition. The vehicle has defective headlamps and indicators.

Police officers have been deployed in Lusaka’s Central Business District and other surrounding areas in order to maintain law and order.

Danny Mwale
Deputy Police Public Relations Officer